Hello from Casper, Wyoming. Not much to do here since there is one Uber in town and we are actually 20 minutes outside of Casper. Either way, happy for a day off.

Before this last run in South Dakota, I decided to fly out early to stay at my grandma’s house for a couple of days. It was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while.

Just to give you an idea of my grandma’s house:

She lives out in the middle of woods in Custer, South Dakota. There are no city streets and you can see every star in the sky at night. It is truly a beautiful experience. Sometimes I think I’m in a scary movie it is so remote.

My grandma died on my birthday three and a half years ago. She was a great person and a talented artist. My grandma went to school for seven years with her masters in art education. She painted very well and she drew like it was real life figures. I cried when I walked into her house and all the paintings were still up. It is what she would have wanted. She didn’t paint for anyone else besides herself.

I know I write mostly about music artists, but I think it’s important to address all the different kinds of artists in the world. My grandma died a true artist and she was one of the best ones who went undiscovered.

Rest in Peace Grandma



To My Grandma

So what has happened to me in the past month.

I have gone home for a wedding, gone home for Thanksgiving, worked over 7o hours per week for the last two months, and now I’m going home for Christmas… and yet, I still haven’t landed the gig that I’ve been looking for.

But I guess that has been put on hold for bit because my grandmother passed away on my birthday. And I honestly don’t care that it was on my birthday, I’m more upset with myself that I didn’t give her the proper goodbye. Had I known,  the last time I was going to see her was in the hospital, I would have told her how special she is and how much she means to me. I probably wrote her a song had I known she wasn’t going to make it.

So this blog post is dedicated to my amazing grandmother.Who has taught me to be a strong, independent woman and to go after my dreams. Because of her passing, I’m going to to work as hard as I can to make sure I make her proud.

I love you grandma, always have always will.