Live to Work or Work to Live

The one thing I always say in my interviews, “you’re not just applying to a place to make money, it’s a lifestyle, it’s the life you want to live and that’s why I want to work for (your company). I want my life to be about (this company).”… OK I say something along the lines of that, it’s not necessarily word for word, but when I say it I mean.

But how far do you have to go to get to what you want and how much do you have to sacrifice along the way? Long story short, I am missing a very important family event because I can’t get off of work. Needless to say, my mom was very upset with me. And I don’t blame her, because I want my life eventually to be work to live and not live to work.

My point: hopefully you’ll choose the places  you work for because you want to work there. If you’re not happy, you probably need to get out.

I have been so bad when it comes to keeping up with my blog. It’s amazing when you lose a full time gig how much time you fill it up with!

As y’all know, SXSW changed my life, in many positive ways. It’s made me realize what I really want out of life but also look at life as it’s more of opportunities rather than doubts.

With that being said, I had my plans set on Austin. But due to recent events in my life and with more jobs in Nashville, it looks like as of now, I’m moving to Nashville.

Please don’t call me wish washy. I love both cities and will end up living in both at some point in my life. But as of now, Nashville looks like it’s calling my name.

Why I Want to Move

This time of year, it makes me very uninspired to do anything. If it’s too cold out, who the heck wants to go outside? If it’s nice out but no snow, it is still to cold to do anything and too crappy to want to do anything!? It is pretty much a lose lose situation.

That is why I want to move to Nashville or Austin. Not only are those two great cities for music but they have warm weather mostly year round and there is so much richness and culture in those cities. So much history and yet they are major cities that are affordable.

However, as a job seeker, I’m finding it hard to be taken seriously when I’m applying from out of state.I’m trying my best to stay positive but it looks like when I move… I might have to go in blind sided.

But if I fail, at least I tried following my dreams.Because if I don’t try, I’ll never know. If I never know, I live in a place of regret for the rest of my life.

But knowing me, I don’t think I’ll will fail miserable. I can’t because I won’t let myself. I’ve come this far, it’s about damn time something falls into place.


Because the weather sucks, here is a great song for the weather!