My hope

I hope that 2021 has better outcomes than just sitting on the couch watching Netflix, Prime, or Hulu.

I hope that people start to care about people other than the people they see at their neighborhood bar

I hope that the world starts to change for the good and for the future of our children

I hope that your community is nicer to you and you are nicer to your community in return

I hope that you are able to save money for the future

I hope you are able to pursue and work towards your dreams during these dark times

I hope that life doesn’t get you down and you are able to work through your troubles

I hope that no matter where you are in life, whether you are graduating college or you are expecting a baby, that you are grateful for things you already have

I hope that you understand that someone in this world loves you

My hope is that you keep a positive mindset and you continue to love yourself no matter what

Only Exception

I’m really slacking on my website here!

Also, I’m all about improving myself, so if you have tips on making my site/blog better, I’m all about it!

Well besides being consistent, I know I need to get my act together on that!
As I continue to browse the internet and look up things I don’t need to buy, I can’t help but think about how selfish I am with my career.

Let me explain:
I’ve come a long way from where I started when I was 22 years old. I’m still growing and learning as I always talk about. But what I haven’t talked about is all the sacrifices I’ve had to make to get to where I am.

My aunt died last week and if there is a funeral I’m pretty sure I won’t make it because I’ll be on tour. I’ve missed several family events, due to the fact that I’m 8/10 hours away or because I was off in my own little universe or sleeping on a bus. My friends that I hold near and dear to my heart, you know who you are. I’ve missed so many little moments with you and I’m so sorry. And to the love of my life, if there is one. I’m sorry to my knight and shining armor. I haven’t spent nearly as much time as I should trying to write my fairy tale ending. I hope you are still out there, my prince charming.

I don’t regret anything. I don’t. This is how my life panned out. But going forward, I’m going to focus on those I love.



“Yeah Boy”

I went on my first real trip with a guy I like. I know, this is pretty new to me too.
Because who would want to hang out with me for extended periods of time… well let’s be honest, I can be pretty cool too!

We went to Arizona for warmer weather… the weather wasn’t warmer.But I enjoyed our hikes and our conversations. He’s extremely intelligent like high tech could break into your computer kind of smart.

The thing I liked about him the most, is that he is really open to the idea of me working in music. Most of the time, it scares a lot of guys away. Apparently, it makes me into this party girl.

Here’s what I’m excited about, the more I like guys like him, the better I understand sappy happy love songs. Maybe that means I can start truly writing songs again. And just become a better writer as well. I just hope this streak continues of just meeting awesome guys like him.


You Do It For The Music

I’ll be completely honest,I haven’t really gone to any shows lately. I know I’m failing at life. Mainly, I’m trying to save money because I’m pre-approved to buy a house! I’m also traveling as much as I can, and I’m also going to meetings and interviews like crazy! Because I’m a workaholic.

But long story I’ve been super busy, I think this is my first time blogging in about two or three weeks. And I really don’t have anything to say besides festival season and baseball season are upon us.

And also, I want you to remember,  your friends who play and the local artists who do this for a living, for a living. We really don’t live off much, we are actually pretty poor in this industry.

I met with a girl from Marquette University (which is my alumni), and the one thing I told her was “If you want to be in this industry, you do it for the music, not for the money”.

What is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me

As a music “guru”, I’ve talked a lot  about music and love, but I don’t know if I ever really got into why.

I think love is something everyone strives for in some sort of way.Your passion for life, for your dog, for your significant  other. Personally, I think it’s the only way to live life. You have to live for what you love.

I used to make fun of the idea of love, and what love meant. Especially falling in love with someone else. But as I get older, I’m slowly starting to understand that most people live for, falling in love.

I fell for someone so hard that every time I see him, I feel like I need to puke and punch him at the same time. He really hurt me. And obviously it didn’t work out.

And writing my own songs and music, I understand now how much falling in love impacted my life. I lost trust, I lost faith but mostly I almost lost who I was as a person. And because of it, I can understand why so many people write about love.

But looking back now, I’m glad it happened. Because I learned and grew into the person I am today.

“Two Sad Sparks Blinking in the Sun” Wild Cub

I once told a guy that 90% of music is based around break ups and liking someone. Pretty much,music is based around this emotion of love. And I’m the first person to admit, I don’t like  that I love things or people for that matter. But when I write music or when I talk about anything that I care about, it’s all about love. I guess it’s just human nature for us to feel that way. Whether it’s just living life or listening to music.

Anyways, that was my rant for this blog. I’ve been trying to see this band Wild Cub forever. I missed them in Milwaukee, I missed them in Chicago and I finally saw them at SXSW. And let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint. They are amazing. These guys are from Nashville, and you can tell they have that music soul in them that lives in Nashville. And it doesn’t hurt that they are freakishly talented and are really cute. I think they are one of the up coming bands. Just you watch.

“Thunder Clatter”is all about love, take for example:

“Sad hopes I’d hidden under
Tangled inside of me
You spoke like broken thunder
Deep  into the center of me.”

It’s a great song, it’s about love, and I love it. Take a listen.