“You Never Needed Me”

I’m not going to lie, I met this guy in this band. And I thought he was really sweet, nice and cute. We actually exchanged numbers but it turns out, in the words of his song, he never needed me.

Am I upset about it? Not really. Am I upset that it didn’t go anywhere? I mean it would have been cool to see a couple of dates out of it, but no I’m not upset.

But I’m very happy to see his band is doing very well and I’m very happy for him as well. I think they all deserve it even if he wasn’t interested in me.

The Middle Ground, is a rock band based out of Nashville. The guys are originally from Milwaukee.

*Side Note* I actually met them at a show in Nashville but they happen to be from Milwaukee.

I’m not sure why, I guess I just really dig their music. I think they are extremely talented and their sound is unique. I think this is a band to watch in the next coming years.


Festivals on Festivals on Festivals

For people that think that throwing on an event is easy, you are so wrong.
I know people who have a hard time planning their own birthday party, imagine throwing a birthday party for 10,000 people. Then think about food, parking, sponsors, the artists and most importantly budget. Just think about that and plus more for 10,000-50,000 of your closest friends. Do you think you could pull it off?

I’m not saying my job is rocket science, but it’s definitely not a cake walk either. I hope people appreciate the amount of work, sweat and tears it takes to put on a good show. And if it’s a damn good show, you the know the price is right.

This will be my second year working Rock the Green. To say the least I’m really excited about it. I’m excited to see everyone I worked with again, I’m excited about working another festival but more importantly, I’m excited to be home.

If you are in Milwaukee, come on by and say hi!




My Month So Far

Wow! Where do I begin! These past couple of months have been absolutely insane!

I guess I’ll start from mid June: CMA Fest

I ended up working a promotion for CMA Fest, not the gig I necessarily wanted but it does work and pays really good money.

Side note about working promotions: The reason why I do them, it’s a super easy way to make money, meet people and it normally gets you access to the things that are going on! #workingfestivals

But seriously, CMA Fest is just like SXSW. There’s something going on at every corner of the city, and just like SXSW, you can get in to see free shows. Now that I know what I know this year, I know how to go about it next year. But I secretly hope I can work Bonnaroo next year. #yesplease

End of June: Summerfest

As I the month comes to an end, I drive up with my momma to go to Milwaukee. Yes, I’m in Milwaukee as I’m typing this. Because I worked my 4th year at Summerfest: World’s Largest Music Festival.

Hanging with my Summerfest team, I had a blast. I always do! I told all my supervisors, for as long as I can, I will work Summerfest.

Normally, I don’t like to write about artists that I’ve worked with, because I think it’s biased. But check out Gary Clark Jr. and X Ambassadors if you haven’t already!

So right now, I’m technically freelancing, still working towards my dream job, but you never what is to come in the next couple of months!

The Difference between Brew City and Music City

I have been in Nashville for five months and of course being a northern, I noticed the differences between the two cities.

Politics: I never really took into consideration the “democratic” and “republican” states idea… until I moved to Nashville. Milwaukee is very much a liberal city when it comes to relationships, jobs, drinking and every day life. Nashville is “liberal” for being a city in the south, but there are certain ideologies that make Nashville conservative… especially drinking. I still believe Milwaukee is the best town for that.

Weather: Enough said… I’m not freezing my butt off down  in Nashville.

Motivation: After the recession, I noticed the job market in Milwaukee struggled when I got out of college. To this day it still struggles, and there aren’t many jobs there. I just feel there ‘s not a lot of motivation in Milwaukee to fight what Milwaukee use to be. Nashville people are wanting change and are willing to make a change. I feel that fight has died in Milwaukee. I’m hoping that will change.

Local Bands

I love going to shows. I honestly could care less if I knew every song off the album or if I’ve never heard of them.

Which is why I love supporting local bands. Sure, some of them are just cover bands, but at least they like to jam. My favorite local band right now is The Listening Party.

Yes, they are close friends of mine, but they actually have some original music that is pretty damn good. And no matter what kind of music you like, I think any music guru will like them because their music is pop rock/ a bit of alternative edge kick to it.

And lucky them, I got them a gig this year at one of my jobs. Needless to say, I felt good doing them a service, but at the same time, they deserved it. Because not every local band gets recognized and it’s about time they do.Besides, if you are going to make it big, it all starts with the local fan support.



Yellow Phone Music Conference

If you know me well, you know I get excited over the smallest things. Like seeing an awesome band . Or just meeting new people, or talking to people that are wiser than me. I love things like that in life because I grow and understand more about the world around me. I’m all about growing in life and that’s why I love music so much. Because I feel music is a non-stop process of growing and developing new sounds/vibrations , overall culture and bringing people together.

This past weekend, down in the third ward , the second annual Yellow Phone Conference was taken place. What’s so cool about this music conference are the panels and the undiscovered music. It’s basically a conference where everyone in every part of the industry come to Milwaukee to talk about music, their experience in music and why people just love music. So if you are a music freak like me, and you missed this conference, that’s your loss, because it was awesome and I learned so much and met some pretty amazing people.

What I took from this conference is this: perseverance , patience and practice is key in this industry. Without that, you will probably not succeed. So I’m hoping I can take this idea and run with it. Because like I said, I’m young and dumb and I have a lot to learn, and I’ll take any advice I can get.

There was plenty of good bands at Yellow Phone: But I really like these two bands

Making Movies: Latino band from Kansas City

K. Serra: Solo singer with a synthesizer


Rock The Green

I’m so bad  keeping up with this blog . I’m sorry about the delay, I can’t keep up due to the fact my job keeps me running around anywhere from 30-50 hours a week… happy labor day to me…

So the new gig I have coming up is Rock the Green.

Rock the Green is an environmentally friendly  concert/festival held at Veteran’s Park in Milwaukee, WI. This will be the second Rock the Green, so it is pretty new to the music scene!  What makes it so cool and interesting, they turn anything and everything to have less of an impact on the environment. Take for example, Goodwill; Goodwill is one of the sponsors for Rock the Green. They contribute by donating gently used t-shirts and making them into ” Rock the Green” concert t-shirts. So if you have donated an old t-shirt to Goodwill recently, you’ll probably find it at Rock the Green. Another cool thing Rock the Green is doing, this year, it is completely paperless tickets. I don’t have all the details on that, but this is the first concert series I’ve worked/been too that is trying to do it all paperless. Rock the Green is not only eco-friendly, but also locally friendly. Whole foods and other Milwaukee native restaurants will be there to sell local food and beverages.So who’s pumped for great music and saving mother nature! This girl! 🙂

As a concert goer, I went to it last year. It rained and it was 40 degrees outside. But I still had fun, because well I love music. But if you know me, I’m all for a good cause, and I believe that Rock the Green is for the good cause.

This year the following bands will be performing on the main stage:

I’m super excited because I haven’t seen many of these bands live, so it should be an awesome concert. There will also be a side stage for the following bands performing:

As you can see, it’s a pretty good lineup, so I think you should go. If you are interested in going but what to help out,contact me to volunteer at Rock the Green!If you have any other questions, go to www.rockthegreen.com