Vic and Gab

As much as I want to move from Milwaukee, a lot of amazing people came out of Milwaukee. Chris Farley, Bob Kames, Danny Gokey and hopefully Vic and Gab.

I saw these girls open last year for a show in Milwaukee. I can’t remember who they opened for but once I heard them, they hooked me in. Their sound is so original yet so defined. I really appreciate and enjoy listening to their music.

Vic and Gab will be making their “debut” at 2014 SXSW. I’m sure with all the chaos, they will find their way down there! I wish them all the best!

Moore, Moore Church Please

I love concerts, I’ll do whatever I can do  to go to a concert that I’m like freaking out  about … … which is why I went to the Eric Church concert. He is one of my favorite artists of all time, I HAD to go. I’ve been listening to him since my senior year of high school, I wasn’t going to miss him  coming to town again. So I forked up a pretty penny to see him. OK so it wasn’t that much, but for a recent graduate that has three jobs, it was a pretty penny for me.

Overall the concert was great. It was on time, and the crowd was really into it. Here is the breakdown of each artists.

Kip Moore:

Kip Moore was the opener, I was very excited to see him because I love his album ” Up All Night”. He only played for 30 minutes but that is expected for the opening act. The really cool thing I loved about him, he didn’t play any cover songs. He played all of his songs. Too me, that is a big deal, especially since he’s not ” big” in the country scene just yet and he doesn’t have many songs. For someone opening for Eric Church, I’d say he did a pretty damn good job. He and his band were in tune, the crowd was really into it and most importantly Moore was excited to be on stage even if it was for 30 minutes.

Justin Moore:

To be completely honest, I like Justin Moore music, and I wanted to see him perform, but at the same time, I wasn’t thinking ” Oh my god, I have to see him”. But I love being proved  wrong, because he  is definitely worth going to see. Like Kip Moore, Justin Moore played all of his songs but the one thing I noticed about him. He was so humbled to be on stage, he did  a sort of “Tebow” pose  for about a minute or two but he was just literally on stage listening to people screaming and you could tell he was blown away by the crowd’s reaction. He also got the entire crowd to pull out their cell phones and light the whole arena which was really cool. Below is a picture to show you what I mean.

It was extremely bright in there and it was pretty cool to see everyone listen to him and his music. Overall, he was probably the best entertainer when it came to the three and he put on a good show. I would go see him again.

The man of the night : Eric Church:

I’ve never heard 30,000 people scream so loud in my entire life when Eric Church came on. When he came on the stage, it was as if the world stopped and everyone forgot their problems. I loved his part of the show very much. He had multiple backdrops for different songs, he had pyro, it was pretty cool to see it all put together on stage. I loved how he played his older songs from his previous albums, but the coolest thing about his show, he played almost every song on his newest album ” Chief”. I thought that was so awesome, nowadays, most performers just play all of their hits. I loved that he played “Country Music Jesus” and ” Jack Daniels”. I seriously thought it was so cool that his concert was literally based around his new album and that he actually played his songs of f of his album. Seriously, you have no idea how excited I am about this. Because there are  a lot of good songs that are  on albums, not just Church’s, but other artists in general, but you never hear  those songs live because it’s not a “hit”.  I like “hit” songs, but it’s nice listening to  the music you never hear. Seriously , I can’t get over it! What was even cooler, you could hear the crowd sing every word of every song.

I also love how freakishly talented he is. He plays guitar, banjo and piano. I love a guy that can play piano. And of course he saved the best song for last ” Springsteen”, my summer song of 2012. I swear when he played piano and sang  ” Springsteen” I got the chills. I could listen to him play it live every day of my life. Actually ,I had chills the entire concert that’s how good he was. Honestly, if you didn’t see him in Milwaukee or while he is on tour, you are missing out because he is one heck of a musician.

Overall, the concert was so worth going to!

Yellow Phone Music Conference

If you know me well, you know I get excited over the smallest things. Like seeing an awesome band . Or just meeting new people, or talking to people that are wiser than me. I love things like that in life because I grow and understand more about the world around me. I’m all about growing in life and that’s why I love music so much. Because I feel music is a non-stop process of growing and developing new sounds/vibrations , overall culture and bringing people together.

This past weekend, down in the third ward , the second annual Yellow Phone Conference was taken place. What’s so cool about this music conference are the panels and the undiscovered music. It’s basically a conference where everyone in every part of the industry come to Milwaukee to talk about music, their experience in music and why people just love music. So if you are a music freak like me, and you missed this conference, that’s your loss, because it was awesome and I learned so much and met some pretty amazing people.

What I took from this conference is this: perseverance , patience and practice is key in this industry. Without that, you will probably not succeed. So I’m hoping I can take this idea and run with it. Because like I said, I’m young and dumb and I have a lot to learn, and I’ll take any advice I can get.

There was plenty of good bands at Yellow Phone: But I really like these two bands

Making Movies: Latino band from Kansas City

K. Serra: Solo singer with a synthesizer