Getting Back in the Game

As I get back into writing and playing music again, I always forget about how hard it is to get into the music. I guess it’s just trying to be in the moment kind of thing and I lose that moment so quickly.

That’s always been my issue growing up when I had a hard time sitting at the piano. I would get bored so easily playing scales and chords. And then I would get frustrated when I couldn’t play a song right away.

Needless to say, I wasn’t the best musician growing up because I would get bored and frustrated very, very easily.

As I get older, I realize how happy I am that I played music growing up. Because now, I’m looking for more gigs, and playing piano might be one of them.

Yes, I need a lot of work. But I think I can get my motivation and inspiration back. Hopefully,it works out, stay tuned!



The Difference between Brew City and Music City

I have been in Nashville for five months and of course being a northern, I noticed the differences between the two cities.

Politics: I never really took into consideration the “democratic” and “republican” states idea… until I moved to Nashville. Milwaukee is very much a liberal city when it comes to relationships, jobs, drinking and every day life. Nashville is “liberal” for being a city in the south, but there are certain ideologies that make Nashville conservative… especially drinking. I still believe Milwaukee is the best town for that.

Weather: Enough said… I’m not freezing my butt off down  in Nashville.

Motivation: After the recession, I noticed the job market in Milwaukee struggled when I got out of college. To this day it still struggles, and there aren’t many jobs there. I just feel there ‘s not a lot of motivation in Milwaukee to fight what Milwaukee use to be. Nashville people are wanting change and are willing to make a change. I feel that fight has died in Milwaukee. I’m hoping that will change.

What’s Life Really About?

Have you ever thought and wondered about life?
Why do we act the way we do?
Why we choose to do the things that we do?
What’s the purpose of our life?
What’s the point?

I probably think about that every day, not just about me, but about everyone else. Does everyone have a different purpose to live life? Are some girls meant just to be awesome moms. What about guys, are they meant to be awesome dads or just straight up work blue collar jobs for the rest of their lives making sure they can put food on the table? Why do some of us end up as doctors and others a retail associates? Do we choose the life we want or is it just a matter of destiny?

I’m not quite sure I’ll ever find the answer to those questions, but what I do know, is I know the foundation, the purpose in my life right now. Music. I don’t know if it will take me far, I don’t know where I’ll end up, but I do know it’s the number one motivation in my life right now, and that’s all the matters. I can identify it, and I can roll with it.

Because at the end of the day, at least I tried.