Find Your Spot

I understand for a lot of people, it’s hard to pick up your life and move for something you want. Whether it’s nice weather or a job, it’s hard if you are close to your family and friends. Because what beats something that has been there for your whole life.But one of the best things I did for myself, is moving away. I learned a lot about myself and I pushed myself to a lot of limits… A lot of limits.

It started when I moved to Australia, I had to learn to be extremely independent and aware of my surroundings. Unfortunately, in Nashville, I’ve had a lot of mishaps happen while I was here. And it’s made me learn how to grow, adapt, and change to imperfect scenarios.

So if you are reading my blog and find myself somewhat helpful, read the link below and pick the best city for you in the music industry. The only thing I find “wrong” with this article is they forgot New Orleans and Miami. While they aren’t necessarily conventional music cities, you shouldn’t discredit them. I have a handful of friends that live in New Orleans.


“Road Less Traveled”

I was thinking really hard… Wait a minute… When am I not thinking.

I was thinking about my career and where I want it to go. And to be completely honest, I’m not sure where I want it to go or where the hell I’m going. Hopefully it’s up! I just want to continue to make progress!

Because like everyone else in the world, I want to conquer it and do everything possible!
I truly believe in the artist I work for. She has a great voice and she really stands for all the good things in music.

Not only do I want to help her career, but I want to help her conquer of her dreams as well. Now tell me, how is it possible to do all things? Maybe it is, you just have to keep your focus and go for the gold!

If you are an early bird (Which I’m not), check out Lauren Alaina on the Today show tomorrow!



Is Summer the Worst Time of Year for BNA?

So here’s a little tid bit about what’s going on in Nashville… not much at all. Ironically, my home state is killing it with country and rock festivals left and right. Nashville right now is primarily dead. Sure you have local festivals and get togethers, but besides tourism, that’s pretty much it.


This is the time of year where everyone is out of town working.We are all traveling to different states and venues to put on a show. I should say, if you are in the production world or are a musician, you are like me, who is traveling a lot at the moment.

Not to say it’s a bad thing if you are still in town working. Remember, we have a lot of agencies, management and crew companies in town. So there are people who still work a lot. Also, if you are trying to make it on stage, remember, you have to start somewhere.

In other words, I thought about this really hard. I think Nashville is a great town, except in the winter and summer. Summer everyone is traveling and working and winter sucks because no one is working.



Tin Pan South

So a lot of people don’t know that I’ve written a couple of songs, some have actually been quote on quote published. But I don’t want to make a living out of that. Because I know I’m not as talented as some people I know. Let’s be honest, I’m not the best. And I know I’m not the best.

But what I am good at is understanding what it takes to be a damn good songwriter. It takes a lot of self starting, self motivation and your own creativity. Some people don’t get discovered ever and some people make it over night, it’s just the way the dice roll.

What’s great out Tin Pan South: It’s a songwriter festival dedicated to ready for this, the songwriters of Nashville! This years lineup was really strong and let me just say the lines were really, really long to get in to most venues. I actually couldn’t get into two of them.

So support those who do this for a living, literally write lyrics for a living. It’s not as easy as you think it is.



Find Your Own Voice

I recently went to go see Pitch Perfect 2. And it was awesome. But there was a part in the movie that I really related to.

Beca (Anna Kendrick) got an internship working at a record label. Long story short, her boss asks for one of her demos. She gives it to  him and it’s a mash up that she created. They are sitting in the break room and she asks him what he thought. I can’t remember word for word but he pretty much said, it’s not an original, you need to have a voice to make it in the industry.

And it struck me because I was at a writers round the other night, and all the artists were fantastic. But this one guy literally, sounded exactly like Hunter Hayes.

Then there’s me. A short, blonde chick from a suburb, trying to make a name for herself in this Music City.

It got me thinking, do we need to be extraordinarily different in order to make it? Do we need to go above and beyond to make sure, no one else is like us?

So how do we go about it? The guy at the writers round can’t change his voice. I can dye my hair a different color, but at the end of the day, I’m still me.

It’s a very daunting idea that there are so many of us in this city trying to go after the same thing. Because all the top executives and people see are just a bunch of kids. Literally trying to do the same thing.

My Point: I guess it is about digging deep down and finding who you are. Who you are defines your voice. If you have a strong, confident, powerful voice, maybe it will actually get you to where you want to go.

What’s Happening to the Music in Nashville

Being down in Nashville and seeing all the music going on… well let’s put it this way, the first thing everyone says to me is ” Oh you must like country music, that’s what Nashville is known for”.

My response is “No Sh**”… no I wish it was, but sometimes people  are really rude when they talk to me about it. Majority of the time I say yes it is but it’s rapidly changing.

And I’ll tell you how:

Everyday, a new artist from all genres of music are coming from LA to New York and are moving to Nashville. Why? It’s not as cut throat as the other cities are, people will actually listen to your story and give you advice. Also, it’s 10x cheaper to live here in Nashville then it is in any other big music city. The other big thing, it’s easy to travel from. To get to NY, you have to take a train, deal with traffic and worst deal with all those people. To get to LA, you have to go through the mountains if you are driving or flying for that matter, deal with traffic and worst deal with the people. Sure to get to Nashville from the east, you have the mountain range, but to get north or south piece of cake. Because it’s in the middle of the country, you don’t have to worry about all that traffic and most importantly you don’t have to deal with people being mean to you. Like really mean… you know what I mean.

Also, bands/artists such as Kesha, Kings of Leon, Jack White, Justin Timberlake are moving/ live in Nashville. Why? Because Nashville is the next up coming city. Just you watch world.

While country music will always exist in Nashville, and believe me, I feel it always will, Music Row is a historic  music part of town that is getting bought out by real estate corporate investors.  And due to this corporate money coming into Music Row, people are dipping out fast. RCA Studios was almost completely bought out, the houses are being bought out and being turned into God knows what. Why? Because Music Row is where country music “started” and now corporate wants to turn it into a tourist trap.

My point: Nashville is NOT just country music anymore. It’s more than that, Nashville is about the music and will hopefully always be about the music.

Things I’ve Learned about Music City: Part 2

I’ve officially been in Nashville for 15 days. Yes 15 days and you wouldn’t believe the things I’ve observed and heard from people who have lived here for years and years and years. But if you read my blog, I’ve made a part one already about this, now I’m making a part 2… and probably 3 and 4.

It’s a small world: It is amazing, how many people know each other in this town. Which makes it easy to make friends and network. Thank goodness! But with that being said, remember how your mother always told you to never burn your bridges. Well that applies to Nashville, if you are going to be a jerk to people, don’t bother coming out of your room.

Weather: I’ve found out that Nashville is in a big bowl, literally. Which is why Nashville is known for their flash floods. And it’s also the worst place when it comes to having allergies. Thank god I don’t! But overall, it’s beautiful here!

If you’re bored, go out: I can’t believe how much stuff there is to do in this town. And it’s free! There’s always something to do, something to see, something to hear.

Glitz and Glam: I know I’m only eight hours away from home, but I can’t believe how much of difference there is in the way people dress. If you go out, they go out. Not so much guys, but the girls get dolled up. Not saying girls in the midwest don’t, I know people in Chi Town and Minneapolis do, but not Milwaukee. But I guess you never know who you are going to meet, so look your best!

People love to talk: Whether you are in the music industry or not, people will talk to you. They love giving advice and they like to hear your story. Which I guess goes to show why it’s the largest “small town” and has a friendly community.

Things I’ve learned about Music City

I’ve only lived in Nashville for officially a week, and here’s what I learned so far:

1. I don’t know what it is about the driving around here, but they all suck. But because they all suck, there are abandon cars on the side of the road everywhere.

2. This is a transplant city, so everyone is from everywhere besides Nashville. I’ve met a total of two people from the Nashville area. Everyone else is from all over the states.

3. For being in the middle of the country, Nashville is beautiful. It’s green, there’s hills and it’s just beautiful landscape overall to look at. And the weather is just freakishly awesome!

4. There’s pretty much something to do every night. Until I make more money, I’ll be seeing shows (hopefully working them) once or twice a week and people are always down to go out.

5. People are so nice here, it’s just a great community.

6.Overall, there is opportunity to grow and make something of yourself here, which is awesome! And that is exactly what I plan on doing!