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There are a lot of singer/songwriters in Nashville. Let me rephrase that,


It takes a lot of work, networking, but sometimes just luck to get to where you want to go as a singer/songwriter. Breaking in is half the battle. The other half is writing a song that “catches”. Whatever that means, I just know, it’s freakishly hard.

The one thing I do admire my friends for is how they spell their life into their songs. I for one, think it’s one of the most vulnerable things you could do. Admitting your doubts, fears, accomplishments, heartbreaks and much more to the world. Most people it takes months to say I love you to their partner.

I actually used to write a lot, when I was younger. Writing songs helped me focus my energy and understanding my feelings a little bit deeper.

I strongly suggest to those who have any sort of strong passion to put it down on paper. you would be amazed at what comes out.

PopSound: Nashville, TN

So, I put on my very first event with Brick&Ivy, Do615, G7 Marketing and The Back Corner in Nashville, TN. Needless to say, we need to work out some kinks, but I have to say, I was very happy with the outcome.

All the artists were wanting and willing to play… Did I mention they were all on time!

On top of everyone being awesome and super cooperative, when the crowd started to show up, the place was out of this world.

The Back Corner is a new venue in Nashville, but it’s more like a lounge meets music venue meets a club I’ve never go to. I have to say though, I really do like the layout. It’s different.

We put on an event called PopSound: With Drawing North, Daphne Willis, The Foxies and The Nightly. Overall, I thought the music was great and everyone enjoyed themselves.

I’m not going to lie, I never thought a day like this would come, where I’d be able to say “I’m an event producer” but I’m truly believe I’m getting there.



“So Kiss Me Hard”

I love getting excited about shows. I love that excitement of the band getting on stage. I love when the lights just go out and you get the sudden chills before they walk on stage.

Because I’ll be completely honest. After working so many shows, a handful of different festivals, you lose your concert innocence. Same thing when you figure out that Santa Clause isn’t real.

To anyone ten and under, I’m sorry you had to read that. But eventually, you figure out when you look under your parents’ bed.

Getting that excited for a show for me is rare. I absolutely love Dashboard Confessional. They have been one of my favorite bands since I was about 12.

I’m not sure why I gravitate towards them in but their music is catchy and very poetic at the same time. I’m not quite sure what that means, but it is.

I think it’s amazing that Chris the lead singer still has his voice after all these years.

Hell, I get a sore throat after a night of talking loud.




“Drunk People”

Dating is such a weird thing. Because it’s a grey area of “do I like you, or do I not like you”.  Will this work, what if it crashes and burns? But just remember, everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is an idiot when it comes to dating… right?

There should be more songs about awful dates, but I think it’s more fun to write about drunk people… right?

Ryan Hurd, an upcoming country artist in town is singing about it. As we speak. I’ve seen him perform a couple of times now.

Obviously being a guy, it’s much easier to write about drunk people and girls… right?

Yeah, I think so too. I’m lucky enough to know the guys that won’t the song with him. It’s catchy and it’s true! If there is one thing I can appreciate about the new upcoming country artist in Nashville. They are real, they write about real things and it’s meaningful. …Well I don’t know about drunk people, but the rest of country music!

Check it out!

“Forever Cold”

So I went to this event… Me, going to an event, so unheard of! (Sarcasm at its’ max!) I went to this event back in March. I had to work that night, so I couldn’t stay long. But there was this band, I never heard of in my life. They were the opening act, two acts before Scars on 45. I can honestly say, they blew me away!

The Band is called Smooth Hound Smith. They have a blues,folk, americana sound to their music. It’s quite catchy if you ask me. I’ve be lucky enough to see them a couple more times because I think they are quite good.

But the cool thing about them is the duo is  just them. Making all the wonderful music. And they are based out of East Nashville, so that’s pretty baller too!

If you are looking to check out a new band, look no further, this duo is the bees knees! Find them on the information highway!


… The internet if you didn’t get the reference!