“I Never Want To Close My Eyes”

I’m the comeback queen myself and I root for a good comeback from anyone. I’m all about people taking a break, breaking down or whatever, and they come back strong. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen to all people (Sorry Lindsay).  But I’m very excited to see Michelle Branch is coming to one of my festivals this year!

Michelle Branch is known for her upbeat, pop sound; pretty much perfect for any romantic comedy. We all know her songs like “Everywhere” and “All You Wanted”, and if you don’t what the hell I’m talking about, just go to YouTube and look it up, I promise you know those songs unless you live under a rock.

I have to admit, her sound is a little more modern and a little more like something you would hear on the pop radio.

It’s not a bad thing, but I have to admit, I like her original music or the music she was known before. It was her sound.

I still want to see her show because I’m curious. But check out her new music video. You be the judge.


Stop Judging Music

Music, what exactly is it?

Is it just a bunch of noise, or is it a pattern of some sort?
What do you consider music? Is it the rhythms and notes, or
the melody and lyrics?

We can all be music snobs in our own way. I like to think I am myself. But with that being said, we need to get our head out of our a** and look the hell around.

Just because we don’t like something, doesn’t mean it’s not quality. For example, I can’t stand opera. Mostly because my mom use to wake me up on a Saturday morning blasting opera.

The lord could have killed me if he wanted to, but nope, I had to listen to it on blast until I woke up. As I got older, I started to “appreciate it”, I know it’s good music and beautiful music. But no one in the right mind will get me to an opera.

What’s my point: stop judging Kesha, Rhianna and all these other pop stars. Because they are making way more money than you anyway.

“I just wanna be the girl I use to be, When I was me and worry free” Colbie Caillat

I really don’t get around to writing much on this blog. I really need to get on that… if I had the time.

Lately, I’ve been working 50 to 60 hours a week. My schedule has been the following: work, sleep, work, sleep. Repeat. Which basically means I don’t have time for anything. It’s really frustrating when I want to work out, write, compose , volunteer, play piano/guitar, play sports and try to have a social life. Not to mention all the things that suck up your life like  cleaning … I hate cleaning.My point is my life is on fast forward and I can’t seem to slow down. Like my emotions, my music controls my life in certain ways. So lately I’ve been listening to mellower music to slow down and maybe put myself in reverse.

I’ve been listening to Colbie Caillat. Why, I’ve been a fan of her music since I don’t remember when.I will admit, at first when I heard ” Bubbly”I thought ” gag me” . But then my friend told me to listen to her album and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m in love with her ” Break Through” album. I think it’s something that I personally relate too because it’s not all  about stupid heartbreaks. It’s about … life. Duh, what a concept.

Why do I like her so much. One word: talent. And she’s got it. She can play multiple instruments and she co writes her songs. Normally I would have a problem with an artist not writing their songs completely, but I mean she can sing in different keys and can play more than 4 chords in a song. That’s a frickin’ accomplishment in the music ” pop” world I feel. And most pop artists can’t even play one instrument so she is already 100 steps ahead in the pop world.

The cool thing I like about her music is it’s not “pop”  necessarily: It is but it isn’t let me explain. Her music obviously can be upbeat like most pop songs but a lot of her songs also have a mellower tone to it ( if you actually listen to her albums). I sometimes think  there is a Sublime influence in her music, but I’m probably wrong.

So yes, she may have several songs that are love/sappy/makemegag type of songs, but at least it has a point. I was told writing a song is like writing a story. It should have a beginning ,a middle and a end, and I feel  her music has a plot line unlike a lot of pop music. So yes, I like her music and I think you should listen to her as well.

“It stops today” Colbie Caillat