Go With It … And Your Strengths

You know how everyone is known for something? Everyone has their niche or the thing that they are really good at.

I’ve noticed over the years certain comments people say about me, professional and personally. Here are the few comments that have stuck with me:

“Most Improved”

“Honest and passionate”

“Hard worker and ambitious”

Honestly, I would say those are not the best comments in the world, not really, I would like to be told I’m a leader and have great ideas. But lately, I’m getting random calls and texts to work more events. Which means I’ve got to be pretty good at what I’m doing and what I’m known for.

Whether you are the musician or the person working backstage or in the office, you have to find what you are good at. And you play off of it because people will notice your strengths more than your weaknesses if you do.

I find that’s the biggest problem with artists these days. As an artist it not only has to suit you and what you stand for musically but the ones that have a following, the ones that really make it, their fans love it too. And if it is something unique and special that you have, people will notice.

You have something going on that’s good, go with it.