Things I’ve learned about Music City

I’ve only lived in Nashville for officially a week, and here’s what I learned so far:

1. I don’t know what it is about the driving around here, but they all suck. But because they all suck, there are abandon cars on the side of the road everywhere.

2. This is a transplant city, so everyone is from everywhere besides Nashville. I’ve met a total of two people from the Nashville area. Everyone else is from all over the states.

3. For being in the middle of the country, Nashville is beautiful. It’s green, there’s hills and it’s just beautiful landscape overall to look at. And the weather is just freakishly awesome!

4. There’s pretty much something to do every night. Until I make more money, I’ll be seeing shows (hopefully working them) once or twice a week and people are always down to go out.

5. People are so nice here, it’s just a great community.

6.Overall, there is opportunity to grow and make something of yourself here, which is awesome! And that is exactly what I plan on doing!