Time and Dedication

First and for most. Thank you to all who follow and read my blog. I don’t have many followers,but it is nice to know someone cares about my writing. Eventually, in my career, I hope to one day write reviews or articles about music/musicians that actually matter.

With that being said, yes I have my passions and my ambitions in life, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to throw people under the bus just to get there. I’ll work hard every single day to prove to the world but most importantly to myself, that I am good enough.
*Side note* This little rant came from something that happened this past week, and I made a vow to myself to never become such a person.

I guess I won’t talk about a band this week, I’ll talk about one of the most inspiring artists, I feel, that has changed music forever. I grew up listening to Eric Clapton, and believe me, I was not a fan. But as I got older, and my parents made me listen to opera, classic rock music, church music, I started to realize the patterns in all genres. There’s passion behind their music. Which is why, I, to this day will say, Eric Clapton is in my top five favorite musicians of all time. Mainly because his artistic ability on the guitar is just phenomenal. Because true musicians know, they don’t have “natural” ability. Although, I hate those who practice way less than most and still kill it. But it takes a lot of time and dedication to become good at something. The way he plays guitar, you can tell, a lot of time and dedication was put into his playing.

I think that’s what life should be about. Dedication to something you’re passionate about. Whether it’s sports, accounting, science, research, music, you should want to wake up every morning doing what you love.



“I will live this way till I’m dead” The Mowgli’s

If you read my blog on a weekly basis, congratulations, you have no life…

I’m just kidding, thank you for reading my blog!
If you read my blog, I talk about the importance of listening to music.
Music that is outside your normal genre, music that makes you learn something new or something you just never heard before.

I’m big in that philosophy, because I feel that when you listen to something new, you always learn something from it.However, it’s perfectly fine listening to whatever you feel is comfortable.

My comfort level right now is The Mowgli’s. I started listening to them when I started working in production at Summerfest the summer of 2012.I believe they were on the U.S. Cellular stage when I first heard them.

I’ve been listening to them so much on Spotify, I just finally bought the album “Waiting for the Dawn”. I’ve pretty much have it on repeat at this point. It’s a bit of uplifting indie music. To be completely honest, I’m surprised they aren’t bigger by now.I’m almost positive they have a strong following, but you get what I’m saying. Check them out!



“It’s been said that time heals woes”

My worse enemy right now is time. Anytime I want to get anything done: time. Anytime I need more of something:time.

However, according to You Me at Six , time heals woes. Meaning that eventually time will be the ending factor to whatever your problem is.

*I’m calling myself on this, I thought the lyrics were “wounds” not woes…*… stupid.

But if you let time pass, is it true that you can get over something? Or do you learn to get over something? What does time actually do for you? I personally feel that over time, things start to linger off. And eventually you forget about it. That’s really a scary thought considering all the amazing and crappy things that happen  in life.

I just started listening to You Me at Six, I really dig them. They remind me of a “hard” alternative edge to their music. I really dig it. You should check them out.