Hello from Casper, Wyoming. Not much to do here since there is one Uber in town and we are actually 20 minutes outside of Casper. Either way, happy for a day off.

Before this last run in South Dakota, I decided to fly out early to stay at my grandma’s house for a couple of days. It was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while.

Just to give you an idea of my grandma’s house:

She lives out in the middle of woods in Custer, South Dakota. There are no city streets and you can see every star in the sky at night. It is truly a beautiful experience. Sometimes I think I’m in a scary movie it is so remote.

My grandma died on my birthday three and a half years ago. She was a great person and a talented artist. My grandma went to school for seven years with her masters in art education. She painted very well and she drew like it was real life figures. I cried when I walked into her house and all the paintings were still up. It is what she would have wanted. She didn’t paint for anyone else besides herself.

I know I write mostly about music artists, but I think it’s important to address all the different kinds of artists in the world. My grandma died a true artist and she was one of the best ones who went undiscovered.

Rest in Peace Grandma



Balloon Girl On Tour

I will say this. Getting back into the swing of touring again, is another roller coaster in itself. Trying to get the right amount of sleep, on top of remembering to eat and then, of course, remembering if you showered that day or the night before. Did I mention you still have to do your job?!

Do I think I want to do this for the rest of my life? I don’t know. It does take a special person to live on a tour bus a be a 20-year roadie. To give up your weekends completely. To live your life on the road on someone else’s  schedule. To eat catering food three times a day and it may or may not be good food.


Are there perks to the job? Of course! Lots of perks. First off, you are working a show. I’ve spent PLENTY of money going to shows before I started working in the industry. Secondly, you do have time to have fun. Like I created Balloon Girl On Tour. It’s pretty much an inside joke between friends. But if you want to catch a glimpse of my adventures, feel free to follow on Instagram: @balloongirlontour



Find Your Spot

I understand for a lot of people, it’s hard to pick up your life and move for something you want. Whether it’s nice weather or a job, it’s hard if you are close to your family and friends. Because what beats something that has been there for your whole life.But one of the best things I did for myself, is moving away. I learned a lot about myself and I pushed myself to a lot of limits… A lot of limits.

It started when I moved to Australia, I had to learn to be extremely independent and aware of my surroundings. Unfortunately, in Nashville, I’ve had a lot of mishaps happen while I was here. And it’s made me learn how to grow, adapt, and change to imperfect scenarios.

So if you are reading my blog and find myself somewhat helpful, read the link below and pick the best city for you in the music industry. The only thing I find “wrong” with this article is they forgot New Orleans and Miami. While they aren’t necessarily conventional music cities, you shouldn’t discredit them. I have a handful of friends that live in New Orleans.


LA isn’t Bad

So I just got back from LA. Most of the time, I’ve spent there, it’s been for layovers and hangovers. But I never really spent a good amount of time over there. Because everyone pretty much told me how awful LA was. Traffic, people, traffic, how expensive everything is, people, traffic… You get the picture.

I have to admit, the time I spent over there, was pretty awesome. I didn’t spend that much time in West Hollywood, but I also really don’t want to either. I want to see what tourists don’t see when I travel. I want to see the reasons why people actually live in big cities like that.

It just so happens, I have a lot of friends over there, so it’s great to have people you already know. And it doesn’t hurt to have cute guy friends over there.

Here’s what I know about LA and entertainment:

Everyone has some sort of affiliation to it.

There are a ton of festivals, studios, and venues for people to play.

I truly believe that you can make it in LA, you just have to be smart about it.


As much as I love Nashville, if someone offered me a job in LA, I would move.


“Yeah Boy”

I went on my first real trip with a guy I like. I know, this is pretty new to me too.
Because who would want to hang out with me for extended periods of time… well let’s be honest, I can be pretty cool too!

We went to Arizona for warmer weather… the weather wasn’t warmer.But I enjoyed our hikes and our conversations. He’s extremely intelligent like high tech could break into your computer kind of smart.

The thing I liked about him the most, is that he is really open to the idea of me working in music. Most of the time, it scares a lot of guys away. Apparently, it makes me into this party girl.

Here’s what I’m excited about, the more I like guys like him, the better I understand sappy happy love songs. Maybe that means I can start truly writing songs again. And just become a better writer as well. I just hope this streak continues of just meeting awesome guys like him.