“I’m a 90’s baby, in my 80’s Mercedes”

It’s funny how we discover music. Sometimes it’s through the radio, other times it’s through social media like YouTube. Most of the time, I hear about new music through my good friends.

One of my friends is very good about posting on his Instagram about upcoming artists/damn good artists in general. Because let’s face it, we all don’t want good music to die.

Maren Morris has been around for a while,but now, is starting to get her career going. She recently opened three nights in Nashville for Chris Stapleton and she will be going out on tour with Keith Urban. Talk about making some progress, she’s on a roll!

But it’s mainly because, she’s down good ol’ country. You know, like what country is really about. Telling stories about life. Her tunes are catchy and the melody is something you can rock out to with the windows rolled down. And the best part is, she only has an EP out, which means, she doesn’t even have an album out. I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next!

Balance of Life

There’s always highs and lows in everyone’s life.

And it’s not different when you work in music.

How I explain it to people, is there is no guarantee that I will job tomorrow. There’s no guarantee, that I will ever make it. There’s no guarantee whether or not anything I do is ever worth it.

Because entertainment is highly demanding and stressful, and everyone wants in.
But what they don’t realize is, it is not a glamorous life style at all. It’s not. The people that make it, are the ones that are passionate about what they do.

That’s why we do, what we do. We do it for the fans, for our souls, for the music. Sometimes it does get rough, it’s just a matter of whether how much you want it and how much you are willing to fight for it. Fight for what you want and for the music.

What goes up, must come down. It’s just a matter of balancing the ups and downs.

“I’m a Wynette, Gretchen, Loretta Lynn I’ve learned from the best”

I decided to go out a couple of weekends ago to see Edens Edge at a local bar in my area.

First off, I should let you know, I bought their cd during the summer time for around $6. Yeah… now they are singing the national anthem at football games. It’s amazing how much one single hit can get a band so famous quickly. But get this, they toured with Little Big Town, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley and more ,yet they are still playing at local bars. Eh, whatever, locals can listen to good music and not have to fork up an arm and a leg for it. I’m col with that. However, they are still a young band and they have a long way to go and still have much more to work on as a group.

I started listening to them because they remind me of a band I really like  called the JaneDear Girls. Naturally ,I streamed their music and low behold they had some pretty good music. Edens Edge I think can will become something more as long as they work on their best asset: harmony.

When I saw them live, I really liked the fact that they didn’t play to many cover songs. They only have 10 songs on their album so I was worried it was going to be nothing but cover songs. Surprise, surprise, they played all of their songs on the album. Of course know one knew them except me.

This is what I think of them live:

I love their harmonies. When they all sing together it’s pretty cool when they hit a chord at the same time. Could they work a little more on the performance on stage, sure, but every performer needs to work on that. However, for a band that is up and coming, I think they could use a different drummer. But otherwise they sounded great and not many pitch problems. Overall, good concert, I would see them again.

Eden's Edge

Edens Edge live in concert.