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There are a lot of singer/songwriters in Nashville. Let me rephrase that,


It takes a lot of work, networking, but sometimes just luck to get to where you want to go as a singer/songwriter. Breaking in is half the battle. The other half is writing a song that “catches”. Whatever that means, I just know, it’s freakishly hard.

The one thing I do admire my friends for is how they spell their life into their songs. I for one, think it’s one of the most vulnerable things you could do. Admitting your doubts, fears, accomplishments, heartbreaks and much more to the world. Most people it takes months to say I love you to their partner.

I actually used to write a lot, when I was younger. Writing songs helped me focus my energy and understanding my feelings a little bit deeper.

I strongly suggest to those who have any sort of strong passion to put it down on paper. you would be amazed at what comes out.

Save the Drama for Your Mama!

I’m not one for conflict, I’ve never liked it. Mostly because I wish people would just get along.

One time, I was so mad at my friend, I made her listen to New Found Glory because I couldn’t talk to her because I literally just didn’t want to fight. And I told her ” this is how I feel about you, right now!”… I think it was ‘All Downhill From Here’. Lame I know!

So I started to write music because writing music about mean people is like writing about my ex-boyfriends… I’m going to stop right there, I’m started to sound like Taylor Swift.

Now that I think about it, I believe  90% is about about love or heartbreak, the other 2% is about being mad at someone. The other 8% is about sex and drugs. So I guess it makes sense.

My point: I’m getting much better at working with people that don’t like me.

Reasons: I don’t think I have that many “haters” in the first place, but also, if you kill someone with kindness, it really does make your life so much easier. So just be nice to people!

Or you can put your headphones in and pretend you are dating Ryan Reynolds…